IVY BRIDGE GROUP offers international students a comprehensive education management program incorporating school and homestay placement, curricula development, tutoring, skills training, test preparation, and cultural immersion.

The Ivy Bridge Program is an international education management program that provides international students with educational planning from entrance into our program through college admissions. Our program includes support in the following areas: school placement, admissions and enrollment, cultural adjustment, cultural events, conflict resolution, a plan for academic success, an individual education plan for academic success with academic enrichment and monitoring, character development, leadership development, college prep, college tours, college applications, and future career planning.

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Nashville, TN


Lipscomb academy is the only school in Nashville that sits on a university campus (Lipscomb University). This is another A rated school that has specific programs that truly sets them apart from many schools that we work with. Not only the direct access to the university but also their IGNITE program which allows students to enter a discipline and get real world experience. The director of the admissions also teaches at the university in their MBA program and some undergraduate business classes. 


Sunday, 4/9/17

Wardlaw-Hartridge Spring Recital


Congratulations to Mandy and Wilson for a fantastic performance at the Wardlaw-Hartridge 2017 Spring Recital!  We here at Ivy Bridge love celebrating all of our students' talents and accomplishments.  

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We want to congratulate our outstanding seniors who have been accepted to prestigious colleges this year!


Partner Schools

Ivy Bridge Group partners with prestigious private schools to provide quality education and smooth transition into American education for international students.  

Please check out some of our partner schools in our featured schools page or look through our school catalog to find the perfect match for you.