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Let's see how our students celebrate their Halloween!


Our Louisville Girls ❤

Louise with host mom Dana

Ruby and her host mom Linda

James said he likes our little gifts


Ivy Bridge Group Wish You Have a Happy Halloween  


Mid-Autumn Festival(Moon Festival)

The Mid-Autumn Festival(Moon Festival) (traditional Chinese: 中秋節; simplified Chinese: 中秋节; Vietnamese: tết Trung Thu)

It is a harvest festival celebrated by most East Asian countries, such as China and Vietnam. The festival takes places on 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with full moon at night

It is the second most important festival in China after Chinese New Year.

Tuesday 9/5/2017

New & Returning Students 

Jessie and Mandy sit together in their 9th grade orientation at Wardlaw- Hartridge School (Edison, NJ)

Mandy's first academic advisor meeting with Mrs. Stegal!

Jessie with her advisor Mr. Dexter!



Wilson is back. He is a sophomore at Wardlaw- Hartridge now. 

He is really happy to meet his new fellow students Jessie &  Mandy! 

We love to see these smiling faces and we care deeply with our student's school lives. 

Wish our kids all the best in their new school year of 2017-2018. 

Friday, 4/28/17

Prom Season

In the United States, prom is a semi-formal/formal dance for high school juniors and senior students at the end of the year.  It is a chance to reflect on a great year with fellow classmates and enjoy an extravagant night of dining and dancing.  Here are some of our handsome and beautiful Ivy Bridge students participating in this event. 

Friday, 4/28/17

Lipscomb Academy

Lipscomb academy is the only school in Nashville that sits on a university campus (Lipscomb University). This is another A rated school that has specific programs that truly sets them apart from many schools that we work with. Not only the direct access to the university but also their IGNITE program which allows students to enter a discipline and get real world experience. The director of the admissions also teaches at the university in their MBA program and some undergraduate business classes. 

Wednesday, 4/12/17


Here is the A Capella Group singing for the Spring Concert. Our students that were featured are Sunny, Antonia, and Victoria. They did awesome!


Melissa, one of our amazing student coordinators, just had a great week doing school visits and celebrating birthdays of our Ivy Bridge students Tommy, Antonia, and Catherine. Our Coordinators are dedicated in ensuring all our students feel at home when they come to study in America. 

Sunday, 4/9/17

Wardlaw-Hartridge Spring Recital


Congratulations to Mandy and Wilson for a fantastic performance at the Wardlaw-Hartridge 2017 Spring Recital!  We here at Ivy Bridge love celebrating all of our students' talents and accomplishments.  

(Wilson playing the grand piano with oranges from Chopin's "Etude Op.10, No. 5 and various piano tricks)


(Mandy playing "Tiny Bamboo Raft" on the Guzheng)

Thursday, 3/30/17

National Honor Society

Congratulations to all our St. Pope Francis High School Students who were all inducted to the National Honor Society!  We are proud of all of you!


Friday, 3/10/17

St Pope Visit

Hi, I had a great visit with all my Pope Francis students. Several staff and even the principal came to have pizza and sushi with us. It is always great to hear how well our students are doing from their teachers. Which is truly a compliment to all of us who share in their success. It was an overall informative time where I was able to hear how each student is doing. The students and I have decided to start an after-school cooking club once a month. I plan on being in charge if it and help oversee the details of it. - Melissa Connors.


Tuesday, 2/14/17

We Are Headed To Brazil

We are excited to announce a great opportunity we have to work with the largest cultural education organization in Brazil, with over 60 thousand students.  In March we are heading to Brazil to attend the World Study Workshop and have the opportunity to meet all the directors from over 40 offices.  We hope to gain a partnership that will help Brazilian students receive a quality education here in the United States.  In our meetings, we will plan and discuss how we can best serve the Brazilian student population and provide them with an educational opportunity that is tailored to their needs.  We believe this is a great opportunity for our partner schools to increase diversity in their schools and new cultural perspectives.  Please visit again to get updates on our trip.


Chinese New Year at Ivy Bridge Group

Our New Years Area Celebrations

Washington DC

Area Coordinator: Pam

In Washington DC our students went to Far East Restaurant to celebrate the New Year.  The students really enjoyed the food and the time sharing how the school year was going.




Area Coordinators: Nina and Michele

In Los Angeles, many of our students and host parents showed up to our celebration at Ivy Bridge Institute in Sherman Oaks.  Together we enjoyed eating hot pot as well as playing fun games and had a time to share about what they were excited for in the new year.






Area Coordinator: Deb

In Connecticut, All the students gathered in our coordinator's home and enjoyed a home cooked Chinese meal.  The students had a time of bonding and enjoying the new year with other Ivy Bridge Group students. 


New Jersey

Area Coordinator: Sharon

In New Jersey, the students got to enjoy a traditional meal with their host parents and coordinator Sharon.  Everyone had a great time sharing their experiences and getting to know one another better. 





Area Coordinator: Melissa

In Massachusetts, our students gathered at Melissa's home and had a great time of games and food.  Our students even had a hand in their own food by making their own dumplings. It was a delightful time sharing and exchanging cultures in their coordinator's home.