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Thursday, 11/26/16


Sometimes when you host an International student you never really know if they really feel like they are part of your family. You never know when their time is up if they ever will return to see you again. I hosted Rosie Meng for four years, my children grew up with her as their sibling. Rosie grew attached to my youngest daughter Ireland who never knew life without Rosie there. When Rosie left for college my 3 yr. old cried for several weeks just thinking about her. Rosie moved to a college in Philadelphia which is about 3 hours away. I had no intentions that we would get to spend another holiday together. You can imagine my surprise when she showed up for Thanksgiving. She took a train and Uber to get to us!! It was one of the best holidays I ever had. I thank Ivy Bridge for allowing my family this remarkable experience. I know Rosie knows she always has an American family that loves her and we are blessed to have had this amazing opportunity.

-Melissa (Host Parent) 

Wednesday, 11/16/16


The admission team visited Camden Catholic High School. School matriculates students from 9-12 grade. We had a wonderful tour and speaking session with the Dean of International Studies Ms. Dianne Crowell pictured above. Camden Catholic is a very interesting and unique school. They provide their students with the ability to have the X-Factor which has allowed previous graduates to study at schools like Harvard. This is the only high school in the world that offers an extensive leadership program utilizing positive psychology that's intertwined into the academic curriculum. The school has a very dynamic athletic program in all gendered sports. Top reasons to choose Camden as a great fit are it's family and communal approach, esteemed faculty and alum, and students will be given individual attention to become the best version of themselves. They don't offer spring transfers yet extremely flexible with fall admission.

Tuesday, 11/15/16


The admissions team visited the city of brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Little Flower is a tradition all girls school but accepts international male candidates. Pictured above is Ms. Maureen the admissions director for the school. She welcomed us into the school with open arms as they were preparing for the fall spirit week. We had an opportunity to talk to students as they gave their personal accounts of their time while at the school. The students in general loved the extracurricular opportunities, brand recognition of the school itself, and attention the teachers give them. We made it to school after 3pm the school day ended at 2:55 yet so many faculty members were still on campus assisting students with the upcoming spirit week. Little Flower puts a great deal of resources towards their ESL program and It is extremely reputable within the state. In talking with faculty male international students in the community have done extremely well despite being the extreme minority. Aside from the esl program they offer robotics which competes nationally as well a very dynamic fine arts program.

Monday, 11/14/16


Today we had an opportunity to visit St. Paul Catholic High School. Pictured above with the admission team is Deb who's an east coordinator and a current junior at the school who was placed there through Ivy Bridge Group from her freshman year. She aid a testament to the dynamic program that's offered at the school. Since she's been there she joined the track and cross country team, performed in musicals, and truly transformed from her days with only little English attainment  to being a very solid student. She spoke of the support given to her by the host family as well as how Deb has always been available when there were trying times. She has taken advantage of the school and community it offers. St. Paul is looking to continue to create strong relationships with Ivy Bridge as they are extremely pleased with the caliber of students who excel in their program.

Additionally, we had an opportunity to meet with the admissions director of Saint Bernard, Kathy Brown. The school is currently going through major renovations that will conclude in the next academic year. Not only was the campus beautiful but the staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. Saint Bernard is a Roman Catholic co-educational college preparatory school for grades 6-12 but generally the international admittance starts at grade 9. The schools strong suit are in the area of mathematics and fine arts. Some of their recent graduates have been admitted in many competitive universities including Harvard, Yale, and MIT to name a few. The music department will be traveling to Italy in the spring to perform for the Pope. This school is located in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Thursday, 11/10/16


We visited Christian Heritage School which was located in Fairfield County, CT in the town of Trumbull. CHS was founded in 1977 to assist parents in providing their children with a robust education infused with a God-centered world and life view. CHS is world renown for its extremely rigorous mathematics and computer science program as well as its theater and art program. In addition to its academic rigor, students have an opportunity to complete up to two years of college credited courses through their Early University Program. These courses are taught by CHS professors who have been approved as adjunct professors at the partnering universities, which include UCONN and Seton Hall University.

The admissions team visited Hamden Hall Country Day School located in Hamden, CT. Megan pictured above, gave us insight on the programs offered for all students. The school has a very quant college like campus. The faculty is very involved with the students at the school. Megan serves as the girls basketball coach, science teacher and the international administration coordinator. Hamden Hall Country Day School is a nurturing and inclusive community with a dynamic learning environment that promotes academic excellence by understanding each child and fostering their individual growth. The school offers over 50 varsity and sub-varsity sports for their middle and upper school levels. Important highlights would be the theater, and art studios including areas for ceramics, digital photography, and video production. 

The admissions team traveled to the campus of St. Joseph in Trumbull, CT. We were greeted by the new international coordinator as well as the Mandarin teacher Mr. Mitchell Delancey. St. joseph is a faith-based school, for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. They have a very robust and established international student program to enrich all students with a global perspective. St. Joseph prides itself being a college preparatory school, with a focus on 21st century skills. The curriculum is project based, and technology is integrated throughout the school. The campus is now going through renovations where they will be adding a state of the art workout facilities as well as a yoga facility. Mitchell has spent several years studying and living in China. He is pivotal in working with the Chinese international community and is fluent in Mandarin.

Wednesday, 11/09/16


We had an opportunity to visit Whitinsville Christian School in Whitinsville, MA. Dr. Erin Lowery Corkran pictured above so graciously welcomed us to her campus. She spoke highly of the student coordinators and how it's been a pleasure to work with an agency who not only assists with transitioning students into their program, but interacts with them after the dust has settled. This is an ideal school for students who have interests in theater and arts. The campus supports K - 12 students.

Pioneer Valley Christian Academy is one of the premier campuses we visited in Massachusettes. Denise Richards pictured above is a phenominal admissions director. The school has an extremely dynamic teaching faculty and staff. International students specifically are offered 1 on 1 teaching to help and acclimate them to the culture and enhance their oral and written english skills. We met with IBG students who were extremely satisfied with their host families as well as their matriculation through PVCA. Denise was a gem, and extremely passionate about all the students in the school especially the international population.

Marian High School is located in Framingham, MA. As the school was preparing for their open house, we got a VIP tour with Ryan and Carabelle pictured above. They gave personal testimonies of their experience with the school as well as interactions with the international community. They both loved the fact that Marian had an extreme communal atmosphere, whereas the faculty were very involved with their academic as well as social progress. Students are able to engage in a college pathway program (Regis) where students can complete their first year of college while at Marian High School by enrolling in college courses. Through the Virtual High School, students are able to engage in courses not offered on site. The student ambassadors explained that the top three reasons to attend MHS would be for the communal spirit, theater arts program, and strong and dedicated faculty and staff.

Tuesday, 11/08/16


One of our students, James had an interesting day today, after asking his Host parents about the Presidential Election process they decided the best way to learn about it is to experience it! 

The host parents took James with them today to their voting location in Collingswood, NJ to experience democracy first hand.  The Host mother took James into the voting booth with her and after she made her selections James pressed the “cast your vote” button!

When I asked James about this today he told me “it was very interesting”, and if he could vote he’d pick Hillary.  He said “he didn’t really like either, but Donald trump is just a business man” not a man that should be President of the United States.  Seems like James share a very common opinion with many Americans.  We’ll see if he’s right in a few hours!

James in front of the polling place.

James and his host father. 

Thursday, 11/03/16


Today our admissions team visited Judson International School in Pasadena, CA. They offer a diverse campus with 25% of the student body being from various parts of the world including Columbia, South Korea, and various European countries. In our visit we found that the school is rich in Arts and Extracurricular activities. We especially liked the schools commitment to their students - they regularly cater to student needs by maintaining small size classrooms. The student body was well connected allowing all students to feel comfortable around their peers and teachers. 

Classroom at Judson


Student Artwork

More Artwork

School Auditorium

Judson Trophy Case