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Friday, 08/26/16


Vistamar one of the partner schools in El Segundo, laid out the welcome mat for Eric and his parents, providing a world class tour of their school.  Eric was able to meet many of the teachers and faculty and have a great American Lunch.  We had a wonderful time getting to know school philosophies, teaching methods and great facilities.  One of the best parts of the tour were when the student ambassadors shared their experiences at Vistamar.   

Eric's Family with the Head of School.

Eric's parents meeting staff.

Eric's parents meeting staff.

Monday, 08/22/16


School is still a week away and students are still getting used to the American culture.  Today we had a traditional American barbecue with hot dogs, hamburgers, brats and all the condiments.  We had a great time eating, throwing frisbee, and sharing about concerns and worries of studying in America.  It was wonderful getting to hear everyone's perspectives on what it feels like to leave home and study in a brand new country for the first time.  Additionally, we shared our academic goals and expectations, we are really excited about our students striving to reach their goals this year! 

At Lake Balboa Park grilling and eating good bbq. 

Students getting seconds. 

Hanging out by the lake. 

Thursday, 08/11/16


New students at Ivy Bridge got their first taste of American schools, by attending St. Genevieve's special orientation for international students.  Our partner schools provide a comprehensive orientation so students know what to expect when they start their first day.

Students meeting and greeting.

New students buying school uniform.

Students in St. Genevieve Library. 

Students eating at In and Out, a famous hamburger restaurant. 

Students introducing themselves in english. 

Tuesday, 08/09/16


With the beginning of the school year just around the corner, new Ivy Bridge students arrived in America excited and anxious about the new adventure they were about to embark on.  This week many students arrived at the airport and Ivy Bridge Student Coordinators helped introduce them to their new host families.  The anticipation on students faces were evident yet their early arrival allowed them to feel comfortable around their new surroundings and become acclimated to their new host families.  Here are some of this weeks highlights: 


Libby's airport arrival.

Daz's airport arrival.

Mandy's airport arrival.


Eric meeting host family.

Evelyn and Jenny's host family meeting with Jenny's parents.

Bob meeting his host family for the first time.

Daz meeting his host for the first time.

Mandy's family meeting host family for the first time.

Arvin meeting host family for the first time.