Edmund Burke School



Burke is a progressive, urban, co-ed college-prep school for 300 students in grades 6-12. Located in Washington DC, Burke offers challenging academics, exceptional arts, championship sports and meaningful service learning. Burke is a truly progressive school, which means it uses the latest research in how students learn in order to engage them in interactive lessons that require problem-solving and critical thinking rather than just memorization. The school has a unique advisory system that pairs students with adults who keep close tabs on their academic and social well-being. Burke also offers a four year leadership program that teaches students how to run meetings, give speeches and organize a group to accomplish goals.


College and University 



Brown University

Cornell University

Boston University

Duke University

Columbia University

Bates College

Drexel University

Georgetown University




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Achievement Indicators

Over 125 colleges come to Burke to meet with the students. Burke’s College Counseling Office offers a Summer Application Workshop. Burke's class of 2013 received over $1.3 million in scholarships. Over 93% of our graduates attend their 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice college. Weaving iPads, computers and social media are in the fabric of their curriculum which empowers students to research, think, process, design, connect, and produce creative solutions in novel ways.

"Burke has a more dynamic and inclusive environment than any other school I’ve attended and every student gets the attention needed and individualities are cared for and fostered daily at Burke.” - Aaron

NICHE Grade: A

SAT Average: 1786

Reading: 598

Writing: 592

Math: 596