Louisville High School



Few schools can compare to Louisville High School, a Catholic college preparatory high school for young women located in Woodland Hills, California. Its exceptional learning environment features a diverse curriculum, taught with personal attention by an outstanding faculty. “At a girls school, a girl occupies every role: every part in the play, every seat on the student government, every position on every team. Not only does she have a wealth of avenues for self-exploration and development; she has a wealth of peer role models.”(NCGS) Louisville boasts 3 focus programs for 11th and 12th graders. Journalism and Media, Law and Social Justice and STEM are offered to 11th graders.



College and University 



Harvard University

Barnard College

Dartmouth College

Boston University

Princeton University

Johns Hopkins University

University of California, Los Angeles

University of Southern California




School Highlights

Student Profile

Achievement Indicators

All-Girls, Not just equal opportunity but EVERY opportunity, 100% of students go on to colleges and universities, Beautiful, safe and secure campus.

“Louisville gives us lots of good opportunities to socialize with American kids. The sports teams are also very popular and challenging. The different art programs of the school are simply amazing.” - Sheryl

NICHE Grade: A 

SAT Average: 1898

Reading: 629

Writing: 658

Math: 611