Vistamar School


Vistamar School is an independent high school dedicated to challenging Los Angeles’ most diverse student body to collaborate and think critically, inspired by our varied and rigorous curriculum from around the globe. The result is that Vistamar graduates are attractive to the best colleges and empowered to uniquely impact the world as courageous, ethical leaders.



College and University 



Boston College

Colby College

Boston University

Princeton University

New York University

University of California, Los Angeles

George Washington University




School Highlights

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Achievement Indicators

The Vistamar curriculum has been adapted from the best programs in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Today, it is one of the most globally influenced academic programs among Los Angeles area independent schools. The Vistamar campus is based on extensive research and planning, and is designed to facilitate the comfort, interaction, and flow of a teenage population - with technology integrated into every facet.

  “Vistamar wants to be a multicultural school. So I am very important to them. Vistamar has as comprehensive curriculum, I can choose classes that I want. There is a small ‘society’ in Vistamar where we can speak to anyone for advice.” - Eric

NICHE Grade: A +

SAT Average: 1950

Reading: 650

Writing: 640

Math: 650